Tung Yu started business in 1983 manufacturing automated oil seal moulding machinery. We uphold our core value of ‘Forming Innovation’ and to expand business through the development and manufacturing of customised hydraulic machinery. Strength and thermal machinery design are the main area Tung Yu are proud of.

Focusing on the core value of our business, we have developed a full range of hydraulic presses for both domestic and international clients. With this, we have successfully established our own brand. Tung Yu now has a large product line across a variety of industries, which has been well accepted by our many loyal clients.

From basic daily components to high tec materials for manufacturing industry and precision high tec requirements of the automotive industry including carbon fibre materials, Tung Yu’s advanced moulding machinery can handle them all. Our innovations help with your everyday moulding needs.
Integrated web-storage platform for business
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Products support:
- Rubber Compression Molding Machine
- Rubber / Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Machine
- (Steel Cord) Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine
- Tire Curing and Retreading Press
- Rubber Oil Seal Production Equipment
- Composites and Applied Materials Forming Machine